27 August 2009


I don't have a brother. Which is completely irrelevant.

This is basically just a picspam, for LJ.

Scott Richmond's half-brother, Brandon Kaye - who was drafted by the Jays (but not signed) - was around on the weekend.
And on Sunday, dude tossed with his bro.

I took pictures. The roof was closed, so said pictures are shite. I tried to fix them as best as I could with the ancient Paint Shop Pro I use, but meh.

No commentary, because I have no idea what to say. I'd like to say I watched dude to see what he looked like when throwing, but... nah. I was to engrossed by The Pretteh. I hate admitting that.

Yup. Very nice.

At first we thought it was Buck Coats, though it didn't really make sense that he would 1., be throwing with the pitchers, and 2., be up here at all. Duh.

He also looks kinda like Thiggy. Only taller.

This was the highlight of the weekend. Even the win on Sunday wasn't as exciting as seeing this guy during BP.

That's sad.


  1. He does have some nice flow! The father of the Richmond clan sometimes comments on my blog. It makes me feel special.

  2. I heard he was signed by the Jays back in June, but I haven't heard anything since. That's cool he's working out with the team and hopefully there will be another member of the family on the major league roster some time in the future!

  3. I'm not sure what I'd do if I knew that the father of anyone was actually looking at this thing.

    And... d'oh. I thought I'd heard that he hadn't signed. It'd be interesting to see him join the team - in many ways. *lol*

  4. Draft results He's Brandon Kaye. No signy-signy.

  5. Thanks for the link! I knew I'd read it somewhere, but couldn't find the page.

  6. Two Canadians on a Toronto team? Would that work? It would be awesome to see both of the brothers producing for the Jays...

  7. Sorry my bad, I meant to say the Jays drafted him (not signed him). Duh me!

    I'm sure Scott has some pull and can convince Brandon to sign on the dotted line.